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adult Auxiliary groups 


Zeta Amicae or “Friends of Zeta” represent a vast number of women, who do not have a college degree but would like to experience an affiliation with a Greek organization. Amicae lend assistance with Zeta activities; promote good public relations among Zetas and other women in the community; and, increase cooperation and support for Zeta programs. Benefits to being a member of Zeta Amicae include participating in social events in the Greek community, attending state, regional and national leadership conferences and professional networking opportunities. throughout the United States.

The chapter’s Amicae Auxiliary was chartered on April 27, 1996 by its organizer, Doris L. McAdams.  Charter members include:  Alvinia Bradshaw, Patricia Brown, Catherine Brundage, Lynette Bunton, Betty Connons, Selma Hudson – the first President, Deborah Haynes-McGowan, Sandra Poole, Shirley Smith and Clarissa Stokes White.  The Amicae are a vital component of BZZ Chapter, annually presenting a community health fair and major fundraiser.


The current Amicae auxiliary meets every second Saturday.  Interested in learning more about becoming a member of Zeta Amicae? Click here

Zeta Male Network

The Zeta Male Network was established in 1994 by Dr. Jylla M. Tearte, 20th International President, when she was a member of Beta Zeta Zeta Chapter.  The Zeta Male Network is open to husbands, significant others, fathers, brothers and sons of Zeta members who provide much needed support to the programs and service projects to the Sorority.  Zeta Male Network members attend some regional conferences and all national conferences.

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